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Experimental Topic: “Age Is Only A Number.”
April 12, 2010, 2:17 am
Filed under: rants.

Welll, for my first expirmental topic, I choose you: “Age is only a number”!

Now I believe the majority of you reading this have heard the familar saying “Age is only a number.” and if you get technical, this isn’t completely true. Nor do I believe in this saying, period. Age is not only a number, but a limiting factor, which determines your maturity and effects most of what you do. Now, this is where this quote comes in, and where it disturbs me the most, relationships.

Now honestly, is age really not a contributing factor in a good or bad relationship? People really, think about this. Is a sixteen-year-old really going to have a worthwhile relationship with a twenty-five-year-old? No.

It’s as simple as that. You’re stupid if you think dating more than four years ahead or behind you is a good idea. For example, I have a friend whom I was previously close with who is sixteen years of age, and a freshman in high school, and is dating a twenty-two year old. I find that discusting, I dont know about all of you, but I shake my head at this. Is it that hard to date in your age range? I mean, you’re bound to have more in common with people your age, so why date a person who is ahead of your time? It doesn’t make sense in my book. Age matters, infact, age matters alot. Yet our youth today cannot seem to grasp this concept. It makes it that much harder on a relationship if you are four years (or more) apart. Another example I know of is a senior girl who was dating an eighth grade boy, I find this even more discusting than the last example, I’m not one for dating younger than me either, so I suppose my opinion on this example is extremely biased, but what could a middleschooler and an eighteen year old possibly have in common? I mean they aren’t even taking the same classes, so what is there to talk about? Television? Not hardly.

Lesson Learned: Consider your age before you begin dating. It makes it hard for those around you to respect your relationship if you’re just finishing the eighth grade and your boyfriend has a child and is in college.



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two thumbs up homes(: Got the comp.back for a few days. lets start collaborating soon!

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